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The trainers care about you, they want you to see you do well and they support you every step of the way!

— Michelle Reynolds

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I feel awsome. This is the best thing I have done for myself! I look forward to coming here everyday!

— Cheryl Cummins

FLEXX Shines in Google Reviews

B Shah
B Shah
It’s a great workout! Small group sessions so the trainer can watch form and offer variations based on individual needs. Conner makes it fun but also pushes everyone is work hard.
Nikki Kim
Nikki Kim
Connor is the best!
Robin Olen
Robin Olen
Connor is awesome!
Nicole Mac
Nicole Mac
Always a great workout with Connor
Laura Molitor
Laura Molitor
After not working out in years, I needed to do something for my health. I’m so glad I found Flexx! Connor is an amazing coach who really listens and works with you. I like the small group atmosphere.
Maria Schafer
Maria Schafer
Amazing workouts! Come in and try out a free workout!!
Erica Sis
Erica Sis
Such a great, full body workout. Connor is knowledgeable, motivating and makes working out fun! The small group setting is wonderful, overall just a great environment. Highly recommend to anyone who wants to get back in shape or continue their fitness journey!
Diana Cordova
Diana Cordova
Connor is awesome!!
Lynne Goldman
Lynne Goldman
Always get a great workout at FLEXX - Glenview!

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We Take Pride in Being a Part of Our Clients' Fitness Transformation

Inspiring Success Stories

Stephanie Roche

Best workout in Arlington Heights!!! Quinn and Tyler make you feel like family from day 1! Just the best vibes and tons of positive energy! Love how they make accommodations for everyone’s individual needs/injuries – it’s a super personalized experience. I look forward to my workouts every week!

Laure Molitor

After not working out in years, I needed to do something for my health. I’m so glad I found Flexx! Connor is an amazing coach who really listens and works with you. I like the small group atmosphere.

Rebecca Lynn

This is by far the greatest workout experience I have ever been a part of !! The trainers are incredible and I love being a part of the FLEXX family !!! I have also made a lifelong best friend during my time here! I have been a member for 6 months and have seen some incredible results. The trainers are knowledgeable and respect my personal goals ! I could not be happier!

Stacey Grodek

Just joined Flexx a couple months ago and love it! The trainers are motivating, encouraging and pushes you when they know you can do more. Great workout with trainers that correct your form to avoid injury.

Allison Becker

I’ve been training at Flexx for a year now, and can very enthusiastically recommend the experience.

Classes are personalized to your abilities and strengths, no matter how diverse in skill the group is. I love that the groups are always kept small so that there is plenty of individual attention. The trainers are always positive and energetic, and foster an encouraging environment between clients. Each session’s overall structure is consistent and predictable, but the individual exercises change often so you’re never bored.

If you have no fitness knowledge and are looking for a motivating and safe space to train, I’d definitely check out Flexx!

Wesley Matthews

I have been working out at Flexx for 4 months. This is a great community. Everyone is friendly, and the trainers are amazing. Great trainers that really know what they are doing. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in years.

Bekah Lee

Flexx is one of my favorite places to be. From day 1, the trainers made me feel welcomed, wanted, and encouraged. That’s maybe a lot to ask from a gym, but it’s really just the beginning. Not only have I gotten (so much) stronger in my year at Flexx, I’ve never felt anything but accepted, which is not super common in fitness spaces. I’ve never felt uncomfortable in my own skin or been made to feel ashamed of my body, by anyone — it’s the best, most encouraging community. They will say it’s because only great people come to Flexx, and that’s true, but that wouldn’t happen if the trainers didn’t set the tone every day. I am very grateful. Best decision I’ve made in the last year.

Brittany Combs

Everything you love about personal training- the attention, the program set up, the results- PLUS a community to connect with! In just the month I’ve been going here, I can already see and feel changes in my body and mood. If you’re interested in training, getting healthier, and enjoying the process, definitely check out Flexx!!

Nicole Kar-Ali

The trainers are the best! His guidance and knowledge of fitness has truly had a huge impact on my life! I now love working out and miss the gym when I’m not there. Flexx has such a fun atmosphere with amazing coaches and everyone who goes there is so friendly and happy to be there which makes such a difference! Best investment I’ve ever made in myself.

Bobbi Dixon

Joining Flexx has truly been one of the best decisions of my life! I shied away from group fitness classes in the past due to lack of confidence, but Flexx is truly a judgment free zone! Both Quinn and Tyler meet you where you’re at as far as your physical limitations! This fun atmosphere makes me enjoy working out again. If you’re on the fence like I was, do it you won’t regret it!

Kelly Barbini

Pushed to my limits every class and walk out feeling absolutely incredible!! The trainers are AMAZING!!!!

Christian Zoeller

The trainers are awesome! They change things up every workout so you are always doing something new and will tweak the workout if something is sore or feeling off that day. Overall the gym has a great atmosphere, the people are nice, both Tyler and Quinn are very knowledgeable, and the workouts are fun. 5 stars. Can’t recommend this place enough!

Amanda Donato

I couldn’t be happier in finding Flexx Personal Training! The trainers care about every member, taking the time to learn everyone’s goals, personal lives, and any restrictions. They teach proper technique, form, and gym etiquette while also managing to keep the energy up and have fun. Just look at all the photos on their social media channels – everyone is smiling! I have never worked out this hard, lifted this much weight, and had this much fun in the process. Highly highly recommend Flexx for anyone looking to make big changes or to simply maintain a healthy lifestyle!

Robert Finnegan

Great culture! Coaches are awesome – not a typical group workout at all. tailored workouts to each individual. Coaches truly work with you one on one for individual goals while still keeping the small group workout energy! Last gym I’ll ever join.

Sabrina Smajic

The coaches are amazing! I’ve been a part of several group fitness classes and Flexx is hands down my favorite. I always walk out of class feeling better than I did walking in. Tyler’s positivity and energy motivates the class! In my short time attending classes, I feel healthier, notice muscle growth, and have set multiple personal records. I love our Flexx family!

Justin Walsh

Are you looking to feel better, do you want to improve your life? Well then you should stop scrolling the internet for inspiration and go meet with Tthe trainers at Flexx Personal Training! These are 2 professionals that will get you and your family on the right track. There program is simple to follow, you only have to do 1 thing… SHOW UP!

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