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Flexx Personal Training is a team of passionate trainers that believes in having fun while getting results with smart, effective, safe strength training. The team’s goal is to create real, lasting changes for their clients so they can live the life without limits.

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Tyler Bolger


Quinn Fraboni


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Let’s start by saying I love this gym. Brandon and Meg are absolutely the best trainers I could have chosen. The support they have given me is amazing. After every workout I feel more and more energetic.

Christine Porties


This newer gym is worth a try. Small class format is a great (and affordable) way to weight train. Brandon does a good job tailoring the workout to your needs/issues (I have a knee problem). My only complaint is he overplays “Monster” by Eminem but he knows he has a problem and he’s working on it. Thanks Brandon and Tyler!

John Dostaler


Have not been to the gum in years! Joined Flexx Elmhurst 4 months ago. Brandon always makes it fun! Fantastic trainer and really motivates you to always push yourself. Leave every workout feeling great and accomplished! 💪

Lisa Stachurski


Love this place! I get a great work out without spending hours at the gym. Brandon is an awesome coach and motivator. He is knowledgeable and creates a fun workout environment.

anne montgomery


I have been going to Flexx for 4 months now and I love it. Brandon and Tyler know their stuff but still make it very fun— even at 6am! I have a knee replacement and they do an amazing job at modifying workouts to fit my needs while allowing me to still making progress.

Kelly O'Malley

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